News Flash AGBU Cairo's increases the amount of monthly pensions to the needy by around 100 LE   * AGBU Cairo finishes the digitalization of AGBU Egypt's and AGBU Cairo's archive of minutes   AGBU Cairo's Dziadzan children's choir resumes its rehearsals from 10 September   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
AGBU Cairo's 2016 General Assembly

AGBU Cairo announced in its annual General Assembly held on Wednesday 20th April 2016 that in 2015, AGBU Cairo’s Chaker fund had spent 1,985,451 LE on the fund’s projects in the fields of medical, educational, cultural and..
A captivating lecture on the return of converted Armenians to their roots
18 April 2016
On Sunday 17th April 2016 at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis, the guests present for the lecture and musical evening organized by AGBU Cairo on “The return of Islamized Armenians to their roots”, were spellbind from start to end during the one hour and half lecture of Eng. Raffi Bedrosyan, who was specially invited from Toronto to shed light on this curious topic which is gaining increased attention and consideration thanks to the.. .... More
Harout in Cairo
03 April 2016
It was by singing the National Anthem of the Republic of Armenia that the famous international Armenian performer Harout Pamboukdjian made his opening of the much awaited exceptional Grand Ball dinner which was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Cairo on Saturday 2nd April 2016 in front of 400 Egyptian Armenians. And what an evening it was... At first, Harout greeted the Armenian community of Egypt expressing his joy in performing in Cairo afte .... More
Major renovation and refurbishment of HMEM Nubar Cairo’s basketball court and dressing rooms
22 March 2016
HMEM Nubar Cairo has started a complete overhaul and renovation process of its basketball court and dressing rooms with the aim of rendering the club’s basketball premises a modern mini sports complex. The court and dressing rooms were in desperate need of renovations due to the appearance of surface cracks and bumps and the detachment of some of its tiles which have been in use since March 1984 when the original sandy.. .... More
Piano works of composer Hrant Keshishian published by AGBU Cairo
13 March 2016
AGBU Cairo has just published 6 booklets of piano works by Egyptian Armenian artist Hrant Keshishian who is relishing success after the performance of the overture of his ballet “Anis El Galis” by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lebanese Armenian conductor Harout Fazilian in an evening entitled "Armenian flair" held at the Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall on January 9th 2016. The symphony’s creation and development by Mr. Keshishian was sponsored by AGBU Cairo ten years ago. The 6 new .... More
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