News Flash AGBU Cairo's increases the amount of monthly pensions to the needy by around 100 LE   * AGBU Cairo finishes the digitalization of AGBU Egypt's and AGBU Cairo's archive of minutes   AGBU Cairo's Dziadzan children's choir resumes its rehearsals from 10 September   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
A Chess Summer Evening in Goganian

Armenians of different ages gathered together to play chess once again on a warm Ramadan summer evening on Saturday, June 16th 2016. The Event was initiated by AGBU Cairo's AVC-AGBU Chess Club Egypt and was hosted by the Goganian Armenian Cultural Club as part of the sports-themed evening. The friendly nature of the event attracted a diverse group of 22 participants of different ages..
Saint Therese Club invites the AVC-AGBU Armenian Language Egypt First Term Graduates
12 June 2016
In the spirit of FirstStep-FirstSuccess celebrations the AVC-AGBU Armenian Language Egypt First Term Graduates were invited to Saint Therese Armenian Catholic Club on Sunday, June 12, 2016. The invitation was graciously extended by His Grace Mgr Krikor Ogostinos Coussan, Primate of the Armenian Catholic church of Egypt, Jerusalem and Jordan as a gesture of encouragement, reassurance and inspiration to AVC-AGBU and all the students. The event was held in the elegantly decorated St. Therese Cl .... More
AVC-AGBU Armenian Language Classes: FirstStep-FirstSuccess
29 May 2016
AVC-AGBU Cairo, Egypt have happily marked the First Graduation of the First Term by the First Armenian Language Hybrid Class on May 28, 2016 at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis. The celebration ran under the title “FirstStep-FirstSuccess”. The event was opened by Anna Dolabjian-Trayan with a brief congratulating speech. “As the children celebrate their first words .... More
Lecture on Self Awareness at HMEM Nubar Cairo
13 May 2016
In a continuation of the series of Self Awareness lectures given by Dr. Hermine Varjabedian-Balayan, HMEM Nubar Cairo hosted the third part of the series entitled "How to heal yourself" on Friday 13th May 2016 at the Clubhouse. The captivating lecture shed some light on the healing power of the mind, a topic which raised many questiones from the intrigued audience.. .... More
Launch Ceremony of the Books “The Armenian Genocide” and “Armenia & Armenians in the Arab Press"
07 May 2016
A significant event was organized by AGBU Cairo on Saturday, 7th May 2016 at the Belekdanian Hall in Heliopolis, Cairo, to celebrate the launch of the Arabic version of Dr. Raymond Kevorkian’s book; “The Armenian genocide”, and the launch of the first volume of “Armenia and Armenians in the Arab Press 1876-1923” and its related new website. Besides the Egyptian Armenian community’s dignitaries; .. .... More
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