News Flash Start of Sunday Lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo from 2 November with a brand new menu and chef   St. Therese SC announces the dates of 14-16 November for its basketball tournament   HMEM Nubar Cairo builds a commemorative bust of AGBU founder Boghos Nubar at the club’s entrance   AGBU Egypt's offices now moved to Heliopolis at AGBU Cairo's Chaker Center building   Homenetmen Gamk fixes 29-31 August for its basketball tournament   Sunday lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo suspended during summer months. Dinner served on Fri & Sun   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
AGBU Cairo increases the limits of its financial contribution in the Union’s Medicare program

AGBU Cairo decided in its last meeting to increase the limits of its financial maximum annual contribution to each member of the Medicare program from 8000 LE to 10000 LE. It was also decided to increase the annual limit of AGBU Cairo’s contribution for Medicine to 1600 LE per year and
Dawly “Garbis Kalpakian”: A thank you from his friends all over the World
17 November 2014
After the wide-spread positive and supportive echoes received from Dawly’s fans through Facebook and AGBU Eypt’s website after his honoring at HMEM Nubar Cairo’s October basketball tournament, Dawly was invited by to a dinner gathering at the club and was remitted a poster including the more than 200 testimonials .. .... More
And four out of four for HMEM Nubar Cairo as champions of the 2014 season
16 November 2014
HMEM Nubar Cairo lifted the fourth and final trophy of the 2014 season after beating tournament hosts St. Therese with the score of 69/51. Congratulations to HMEM Nubar Cairo. You remain the uncontested champions of these Egyptian Pan-Armenian tournaments, and.. .... More
HMEM Nubar Cairo defeats Homenetmen Ararat 45/38 and reaches the final of St. Therese tournament
15 November 2014
Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to beat its strong opponent Homenetmen Ararat 45/38 after a thrilling game, saw the champions triumph once again after a swift and quick change of fortunes in the last quarter of the match. .... More
New Board for AGBU Egypt’s District Committee
10 November 2014
The UGAB Swiss Central Board of Directors has announced that, as of October 1, 2014, the AGBU District Committee of Egypt is comprised of the following members: Mr. Berdj Terzian, Honorary Chairman Mr. Onnig Belekdanian, Chairman Dr. Viken .... More
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