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HMEM Nubar Cairo crowned champions of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament

Once again HMEM Nubar Cairo was able to prove its lead in the past few year’s Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournaments with some strong results in its matches of Homenetmen Gamk’s basketball tournament which was held from 28 to 30 August 2015. The final of Sunday saw the strong win of HMEM Nubar Cairo over Homenetmen Gamk 113/35 and Homenetmen Ararat a day earlier..
6th Pan-Armenian games: Remarkable results
20 August 2015
The Cairo and Alexandria delegations returned to Egypt on Friday 14th August after participating in the 6th Pan Armenian games held in Yerevan from 3 to 14 August 2015. Cairo’s men’s basketball team was singled out as the team with the most impressive results among the Egyptian .. .... More
HMEM Nubar Cairo champions of HMEM Nubar Alex’s 2015 Summer tournament
27 July 2015
Once again it was HMEM Nubar Cairo’s players who lifted the trophy of HMEM Nubar Alexandria’s 2015 summer tournament, continuing its excellent leading performance in Egyptian Pan-Armenian basketball tournaments. In the final match, the champions defeated the host, HMEM Nubar Alexandria with the score of 65/46 to win the 1st basketball tournament of the 2015 season. .... More
The grouping of cities drawn for the collective sports of the Pan-Armenian games
25 July 2015
The draw of grouping of cities in the collective sports of the 6th APn Armenian games was held on Tuesday 21st July at Dikran Bedrossian’s chess complex with the presence of representatives of national sports associations and sportsmen and chaired by Terenig Kabrielian. It was also announced that the full schedule .. .... More
AGBU Cairo’s photo contest: A great success and some brilliant photos
16 July 2015
It was an excellent finale for AGBU Cairo’s photo contest. With the organization of the photo exhibition and the ceremony of winners’ announcement and prizes’ distribution, the 50 days long competition came to its conclusion today with the win of some.. .... More
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