News Flash Start of Sunday Lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo from 2 November with a brand new menu and chef   St. Therese SC announces the dates of 14-16 November for its basketball tournament   HMEM Nubar Cairo builds a commemorative bust of AGBU founder Boghos Nubar at the club’s entrance   AGBU Egypt's offices now moved to Heliopolis at AGBU Cairo's Chaker Center building   Homenetmen Gamk fixes 29-31 August for its basketball tournament   Sunday lunch services at HMEM Nubar Cairo suspended during summer months. Dinner served on Fri & Sun   AGBU Cairo increases the amount if its monthly pension allowances for the needy  
22 participants in the 1st day of registration of the Armenian quiz competition

AGBU Cairo opened the registration of its “Creative Armenians” quiz competition on Friday 23rd January through a presentation at its Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis. The organizers explained to the presence the system of the competition and the topic which will be..
An Armenian Quiz contest with great prizes organized by AGBU Cairo
22 January 2015
AGBU Cairo will be organizing an Armenian quiz competition;- with great prizes such as tablets and mobile phones, in three rounds during the mid-year vacations through multiple choice questions on the topic of “Creative Armenians”. The questions will be covering the booklet prepared and printed by AGBU Cairo on famous Armenians who have made an impact in the different fields of literature, art, music, film, etc.. A presentation on Friday 23rd .... More
Khetoum 2015 celebrated at HMEM Nubar Cairo
06 January 2015
HMEM Nubar Cairo celebrated Khetoum on Monday 5th January 2015 in style and elegance with around 120 guests gathered at the club house in a festive atmosphere, dancing all night long in a shipshape .... More
Gasghant Baba visits Dziadzan's choir
03 January 2015
As every year, AGBU Cairo’s Dziadzan children’s choir members received Santa Claus during their rehearsal of Saturday 3rd January 2015, a traditional visit never missed since the creation of the choir. Maestro Mihran and his wife Mrs. Kohar Ghazelian and AGBU Cairo’s co-opted member Mrs. Roubina .... More
AGBU Cairo’s AVC Hybrid Chess classes 2nd term to resume on Friday 12 January
02 January 2015
AGBU’s Armenian Virtual College (AVC) Winter term classes will start online on 12th January 2015. The first on-site hybrid class will be held on Friday, 16th January at 11:00 am at AGBU Cairo’s Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis. The 1st term has seen the participation of 10 students. The percentages of grades were... .... More
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