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The Arabic Edition of George Bournoutian's book “A Concise History of the Armenian People" published
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29 January 2012

The valuable  book of the famous historian and author George Bournoutian: “A Concise History of  the Armenian People” has just been published in Arabic by the Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House in Cairo thanks to the cooperation and sponsorship of AGBU Cairo through Satenig Chaker Fund. The book, which was translated by Sahar Tawfik, revised by Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam and supervised by Berdj Terzian, comes in 478 pages including maps and photos, made its debut at the 43rd Cairo International Book Fair which opened on 24th January 2012.

Before the publication of the Arabic edition, AGBU Buenos Aires had published the Spanish version of the book, followed by a Turkish version published by the Aras publishers of Istanbul in December 2011.  With over 20,000 copies sold in five different editions, a sixth updated English edition will go to press shortly. The book has been adopted as the main text at a number of colleges, universities and high schools teaching Armenian history.

“A Concise History of the Armenian People”, was commissioned by AGBU in 1993-1994. Originally published in two volumes as “A History of the Armenian People”, this much-praised book, which was the first history of the Armenians from ancient times to the early 1990\'s, was printed three times before going out of print. That circumstance, plus recognition of the increasing political importance of the region at the time, necessitated a fourth revised and updated edition, renamed “A Concise History of the Armenian People”, in which the two volumes were combined into one, with considerable extra information. Examining the history of the Armenians in relation to the rest of the world, the book\'s main purpose is to familiarize Armenians and non-Armenians alike with a people whose history and culture is absent from most history courses and texts.

Dr. George Bournoutian is a professor of Eastern European and Middle Eastern History at Iona College, as well as a recipient of the IREX, NDEA, and Mellow Fellowships. He has taught Armenian and Iranian history at UCLA and Columbia University. Moreover, he organized and taught the  first Armenian history courses at University of Connecticut, Glendale Community College, New York University, Ramapo College, Rutgers University and Tufts University. Bournoutian is also the author of more than a dozen other volumes consisting of annotated English translations of primary sources in Armenian, Russian, and Persian, with introductions, glossaries and indexes.

“A Concise History of the Armenian People” is available from the “El Dar El Masreya El Lebnaneya” for the price of 55 Egyptian Pounds through its offices at 16 Abdel Khalek  Tharwat street in Cairo. Tel: 23910250 and email: Copies for certain libraries, organizations, research centres and media houses may be freely obtained from the AGBU Cairo offices in Heliopolis.

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Visitors Comments
Vahe Artinian
Congratulations for a very worthy effort, as this book is the best text book I know which presents our history in a concise & pragmatic understandable manner. I read it & used its contents when produced the Almanac Of Armenians In NSW in 2004. VA
Parounag Ohanian
It's an excellent book and translating it to Arabic is a very good step. The wide distribution of this book must be the second and equally important step.
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